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 Wabi-Sabi Pro-Aging


PhillyIrene is about life in Philly as seen thru the eyes of a 65 year old fusion dancer, artist model, Tai Chi practitioner, lover of all the arts, and a lover of this city of Philadelphia. 

I am passionate about movement and its many manifestations have brought so much joy to my life. 

Check out my Videos of my Sword Dancing and Tai Chi.

Want more?

There are Photos from my past Fringe Arts Festival Show, "Candle, Sword, and Fan."

Curious about TAI CHI?

If you want to just to stick your toe into the Tai Chi pond, check out our --> Free Community Tai Chi

Serious about studying TAI CHI?

Click here --> Private Lessons

AND coming up soon...

"Tai Chi Fashion" (no Tai Chi PJs!)

In my Blogs, I share some of my views on "Pro-Aging", many coming from my experiences as a dancer, but also as an artist model, both fields dominated by young women and men.

Also "Why Tai Chi maybe perfect for you" *** if you are like me, a recurring lapsed gym member (20 years), obsessive and injury laden runner (30 years)!

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