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Exotic land of Wabi-Sabi (also known as the land of Pro-Aging)

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Just the idea that the aging process might produce something beautiful, is alien to most of us (except maybe antique dealers and collectors!) It certainly was for me.

Around the age of 50, it really hit me that I was going downhill and I did what many of us have done. I began my journey in search of the Holy Grail of anti-aging potions and creams, anti-aging makeup and hair dyes to cover the gray, anti-aging supplements and dieting (of course that has been going on for decades).

And now, 14 years later, I find myself embracing a Wabi-Sabi, pro-age lifestyle. I can't remember exactly when I slowly started to think differently, but I do remember the book that was instrumental in getting me started - "The Truth About Beauty" by Kat James. The book challenged the "expert" advice of the medical profession and cosmetic industry. But most importantly it redefined the concept of physical beauty from something that appears on the outer cells of the body to what is actually occurring in the cells inside of your body. And what I discovered, was what does appear on one's skin, is your body's way of communicating to you. Rather than covering up that message or some how gagging your body's sincere attempt to speak to you (in the only way it can), I learned that I could be grateful for what I saw everyday, first thing in the mirror.

Not by a long stretch, an easy concept to accept.

There are within the body, a treasure trove of wonders, many that I believe are easier to access as one ages, but that doesn't mean it is easy. In our present culture, it requires a very intentional mental and emotional pivot, a sideways, head-bent approach to one's beliefs and perspective. The good news is that after awhile, and before you know it, you have entered the land of WABI-SABI.

Next blog, I'll share some concrete steps I took to help me slowly turn around. I did (and still do) need those tug-boats to turn this ship around.

  • But before I do that, I want to mention that although WABI-SABI seems to be about beauty, it is so much more than that. This pro-age perspective dives deep into mythos thinking, cultivation of energy, exploration of the Shadow Self, and sexualty. Concepts not unfamiliar to many, but these experiences embody a vastly different and wonderful journey for that "mature" adult, who is wanting to embrace the uniqueness and strengths that abound in aging.

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